Schoharie Sewing Treasure Hunt Finds Holiday Kits

Heading out past Cobleskill on Route 7 enjoying a gorgeous Saturday in the month of April found this explorer at Richie Rich’s Place in Richmondville. Scouting for some summer stitching projects to use for a post on holiday porch hand work this treasure hunter did not come up empty handed! After spending a good hour exploring the many nooks and crannies of this locally owned shop two wonderful pieces were found for my post.

Valtex Santa pillow panel

Valtex Santa pillow panel

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Auriesville Shrine on St. Joseph’s Day

Pilgrims from the world over have written of the beauty and magic of  the Auriesville Shrine. Inspired by an article in a digital copy of the March 1905 “The Rosary Magazine” I ventured on a pilgrimage of my own to visit this local site. Even in the dreariness of a March day this treasure held breathtaking views and a spirit all its own.

Auriesville, NY

Brook at the Ravine at the Auriesville Shrine

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From Duanes-Bush to Duanesburg: A Tale From the Past

The tale of Duanesburg’s beginning was detailed in a speech by George W. Featherstonhaugh at a meeting of the Schenectady County Historical Society in 1905. This article focuses on the fun facts of the speech but it is an amazing article to read if you have the time to click on the link. It is a free Google Book.

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Duanesburg is Springing

Sacandaga River rapids
Waiting on spring in beautiful Upstate NY! Should be a glorious week to get out in the fresh air. Duanesburg folks are itching to get the bikes out to tackle some of our spectacular hills!
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John Boyd Thacher Park Turns 100


In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Thacher State Park  I am posting this view of Hale’s (Haile’s) Cave printed in the NYS Geologist’s Report from 1898.  A few lucky folks will be able to register for a caving session this weekend in the seldom accessed Tory and Hailes Caves. If you are not up to caving with the bats there will be plenty of other activities to keep you busy including trail runs, live music and lots of activities for the kids. Continue reading

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Submit Your Press Releases Here!

Does your group need new members?  Looking to get folks to come to your fundraiser? How about increasing your mailing list?

Home Town Notes can help you craft a message that meets your objectives. Publish your stories with our team as we fill the local net with local stories.  We are taking the next three months to really ramp up the articles on our site.

So if you are the community liaison for a local group we want to hear from You!! We are inviting submission of press releases from area groups….churches…sports organizations…charities and communities. has a focus on positive stories about local people and places…encouraging both locals and tourists to visit the many wonderful offerings Upstate New York offers. We are working hard to give local groups a fun place to submit their articles…share them with social networks and get found on the net! is currently accepting stories from local groups about upcoming events in the Upstate area.  Please contact Editor Kathy Jo Gallo with any submissions or questions on how Home Town Notes can help your group get noticed on the internet.

Please send email to and we will work with your group to get a message out!

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Albany from the Hudson


View of Albany from the Hudson River

Google Book Citation: Panorama of the Hudson by Wallace Bruce

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NY State Capital From the Hudson


Panorama of the Hudson by Wallace Bruce

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Club Palorama Circa 1934

A 1930’s Resort on the Rotterdam Line

The Club Palorama was built in 1934 by Peter Palazini of Schenectady and featured the lighting mastery of W. D’Arcy Ryan of GE.  Fashioned after the latest clubs of the times it had wondrous light shows during the dances, featured the latest musical performances and had space on the floor for 1000 revelers. Continue reading

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Scenes From…Schenectady

1908 Schenectady

Postcard with 1908 postmark and titled “New Office Buildings, a part of the 15,000 employees Leaving the General Electric Works. Schenectady, NY

This postcard from 1908 gives a glimpse into the past of the General Electric Motor Works in Schenectady, NY.  New buildings were being erected at the end of the 19th century and the following article from “The Electrical Engineer” printed in August of 1898 tells us a little more about the city’s fortune at the time. Continue reading

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